What We Do

Our customers are small business owners who value growth and believe in their company, but they are frustrated because they don’t know how to drive their sales forward.

We have designed a specialist process to help fix broken sales flows. Our process applies best practice problem solving methods and world class theory with real-world knowledge and first-hand experience.

  • Sales Audit

    Assess your sales performance in 13 key functional areas, and identify your next steps.

  • Deep Dive

    A comprehensive research project that dives into your competitive environment.

  • Implementation

    Get access to our specialist sales system, where you have tools and resources tailored to your business needs.

This process has three stages and our customers have to do the work before we will let them progress to the next stage. Success is earned, and we need to see our customers putting in the work to turn things around.

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Check out our three stages below…

Sales Audit

This sounds scarier than it is. It is a simple (but accurate) process that is designed to highlight how your business is performing in 13 key functional areas that support your sales people to succeed.

We provoke real conversation around your performance in sales strategy, lead generation, process and customer referrals. We will ask you whether you have the right people and whether you are delivering on your promises.

When you receive your report – you will know exactly where things aren’t working and you can go and start working to fix them yourself. The problems you’re facing all have solutions, but it is impossible to rectify until you have had an honest conversation and made a commitment to change.

Some clients can apply to be selected to go through the “Deep Dive” process. This is for businesses who desire a partner to help them through this challenging journey.

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Deep Dive

Our Deep Dive is a unique and comprehensive research project that dives into your competitive environment, the challenges unique to your business and discusses in high detail the options you have to unlocking your sales potential.

Specialist management consultants will research, analyse, problem solve and draw conclusions on the challenges you are facing.

To qualify for the Deep Dive process our customers need to meet several criteria:

  • Have demonstrated a commitment to change
  • Have clarified the areas that are key to their business success
  • Have unified their team towards achieving more positive results

*Note: We cannot work with new customers that create a conflict of interest with an existing customer.

If you desire real, accurate and extensive insights into your competitive environment, please fill out a Deep Dive application form.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Where we work with you to turn things around. By this stage you will have identified what is broken, seen what is possible and taken the first steps towards turning things around. This is where we give you access to our specialist sales system, where you have tools and resources tailored to your business needs.

These resources help you build positive habits within your sales people, and structure their business efforts towards best practices proven to generate success. Every month, for 12 months, new tools are unlocked – taking your team through a paced organisational change that helps establish these good habits over time, without creating overload.

Some of the areas our implementation process addresses are:

  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Process
  • Marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Time management
  • KPIS, targets and goal setting
  • Customer retention and referrals

After 12 months of implementation, your sales people will be set up to take your business to new levels of success.

It Costs Nothing to Get Started

If you want to uncover the areas that have been holding your sales people back, use our Business Performance analysis tool.

In just 2 minutes you’ll be on the way to a high-performing and successful business.