Underestimating lifetime value

I’ve met a lot of business people that lament the small sales. You know, those ones that took ages to win or get across the line and were worth less than they hoped in the initial transaction. A quick calculation of cost of acquisition at this stage can be disappointing, sure. But this is a short term view of customer … Read More

The biggest change in marketing history

In the “good old days” marketing brought in leads and the sales department made quick work of closing the sale. But times have changed. Sales cycles and lead times have grown, and doing deals has become more complex. Marketing is having a more difficult time generating genuine leads – leads where customers are ready to buy or even close. Why … Read More

Why you are doing sales wrong.

Many businesses start geting excited at the end of the financial year because they are about to enter the beginning of a new year, one filled with opportunity and growth. This is the time new sales targets are set and everyone lurches forward with energy renewed. “Hurrah! Let’s get rich!” But it doesn’t stick. Unfortunately, within the first 90 days … Read More

Sales and The Art of Listening

I originally wrote about this on my personal blog, but I think it fits well here. Being a great salesperson really is an art form. You can be just another interruption in peoples’ already busy days, or you can become a trusted advisor, confidant and valued business contact. In my opinion, the difference comes from the art of listening. In … Read More

Why does a salesperson lose a sale?

We have all felt it; the sting of all that effort as a sale slips away – and the accompanying hard reality that there might not be work next month. It’s easy to make ourselves feel better by saying “We can’t compete with pricing like that!” or “They simply met the client’s needs better.” However, the fact is that price … Read More

Cold calling IS dying, but it’s not dead… yet

I wanted to write about the death of cold calling because I have witnessed some heated debate while reading online comment sections (my favourite pastime) and, as opposed to joining that conversation, I wanted to raise my own. One of my favourite sales memories is the time I used a clipboard to fend off a gigantic German Shepherd, while I … Read More

Controlling the sales conversation

I had a really interesting conversation about house hunting recently and I inadvertently tripped across an exact example of how people can sometimes get the sales message wrong. Here is the scenario: Years ago I was a first home buyer. My partner and I had just scraped together enough money for a deposit and started house hunting – looking for … Read More

Sales Confusion – how to break down a sales strategy

Businesses don’t always fail to grow because they had the wrong sales strategy. Often it is because they failed to execute the sales strategy effectively. The danger in business is trying to do too much. All business owners are guilty of this: BAU, fire fighting, needs/must, etc. There are so many ways we get pulled from what we should be … Read More