Case Studies

Explore the case studies below to learn how our methods have transformed the results of businesses just like yours.

The public identities of our case studies are protected by confidentiality agreement, however references can be provided upon request.

Case Study #1 – IT Services Firm

Our client had been in business for more than 10 years. They had high general staff retention and happy customers, with strong products and services.

The Problems:

  • Staff were unable to make any new sales (the only sales being made were from existing customers)

  • The business couldn’t attract or keep good sales people (despite impressive job packages)

  • There was no formal procedure around sales management

  • The sales team didn’t know what was expected of them of how to measure their performance

  • No one within the business could say why a customer should buy from them

The Solution:

We started with creating an aspirational vision of the future for the team, that they could get excited about. The level of buy-in from your team is one of the biggest predictors of success for any new plan. You’ll find our step-by-step guide for developing this in the Strategy module of our Sales Implementation programme.

We then set about implementing procedures and developing good habits within the activities of the sales team. Part of this was creating clear expectations and rewards for the sales staff.

Finally, we worked on refining their offering so that the value proposition was clear and tightly targeted. You’ll learn how to do this in the Marketing module of our Sales Implementation programme.

What were the outcomes:

The overarching theme was a lack of clear sales targets, activities and accountability. The business owner now feels relieved that the staff are focused and excited about the future growth of the company.

  • A significantly more effective sales team

  • New sales now outnumber existing sales

  • Clear measures show how the sales team is performing and when changes need to be made

  • Products and service offerings that clearly demonstrate to the customer why this company is the logical choice

“The WedgwoodGrainger team have demonstrated the ability to quickly impart their knowledge into our business to ensure we get the most out of our burgeoning sales department.”

Case Study #2 – NZ Product Exporter

Our client was a new business with a game-changing product. They had a strong management team and good sales experience. The management had previous experience with success in the category.

The Problems:

  • The business had a minimal number of new sales

  • They were unable to define who their target customer was

  • They lacked a unified brand experience, and did not tell a clear brand story

The Solution:

The first big challenge was unifying their online brand positioning. Using the methods in our Brand Development module, we took the management through a step-by-step process to establish their appropriate market story. Part of this was refining the product story so that it speaks to the right audience.

Along with the right story, it is critical to establish the right market. Using the process in our Marketing module, management was able to define clear market targets and the corresponding sales targets.

The last step was to work through our Technology Audit module and begin using technology that would boost their market reach and penetration.

What were the outcomes?

The main issues in this case were with company image and consistency. Now that management has implemented the right changes, the team feels united and well equipped in their approach to new sales.

  • An increasing number of distributors signing up

  • Increased retails sales

  • Focused and measurable sales activity

  • Clear target market customers

“Thank you Logan and team. This is beyond expectations.”

Case Study #3 – Manufacturing

This client was an 80 year old business with a premium reputation. They had an established brand were well known in the market for high quality products and services.

The Problems:

  • Due to extreme bottlenecks, the staff were unable to quickly turn quotes around

  • There were a growing number of dissatisfied new prospects

  • There was a significant amount of inefficiency around the sales experience

  • Sales staff were not able to close new business reliably

The Solution:

After going through our Sales Audit and then the Sales Process module, our client was able to analyse the issues in their sales process and create a more repeatable system with standardised pricing. Opportunities were then graded to ensure winnable and desirable work was being prioritised.

What were the outcomes:

The main issues here were problems with the sales process. After implementing the changes, the staff now feel more efficient, more capable, and more rewarded.

  • Unhappy existing clients have been turned into enthusiastic ambassadors

  • Sales staff are winning more of the right business

  • More team members are able to execute quotes efficiently

“Thanks to the team at WedgwoodGrainger we now have a customised strategic system for handling quoting more efficiently and are able to communicate immediately with prospective client enquiries. This has dramatically improved our efficiency and conversion. Logan's knowledge and service has been invaluable to our firm.”

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