Our Story

Our business was born out of a passion for helping people.

Why? Because a good friend called me one day and what he said changed my life.

“I don’t know what to do.”

He had been in business for years and had a well-established client base. He is a great guy and his staff rate him highly as a boss.

His sales team, however, was like a revolving door. They weren’t making any new sales and they weren’t sticking around. He didn’t personally know what to do to help them make more sales, but that’s what he hired them for, right?


The problem was simple and so was the solution. Get the right people, set the right sales targets, measure the activity, and make sure the business is supporting the sales team to succeed.

Within months, he was seeing the best results of his career.

And the reason you’re here today, is because his honest statement changed my life. It was the catalyst for me building this business—a business that exists for one purpose—to help other businesses make more sales.

Business owners know they have problems, but the problems are stuck in their peripheral. They are not in focus.

Our process is designed to bring into focus the exact problems that have been holding you back, show you what you need to do to solve them, and build a solid foundation that means you will never get stuck again.

It worked for my friend and it will work for you.

Who Are We?

We are specialist sales fixers. We aren’t just here to talk about your sales problems or draw up complex plans only to wave goodbye and wish you luck. We are here to work with you to fix them.

We believe in what we are doing to such an extent that you are protected by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Logan Wedgwood


MBA, PGdipBUS – Strategy and Marketing

Logan has a deep understanding of business. He sees how it works in his head and loves solving business issues. He is the client-facing part of WedgwoodGrainger, with vast experience spanning Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Brand, Manufacturing and Information Technology.

His journey to sales expert started as a door-to-door sales person at the age of just 17. His experience spans more than 15 years of coal-face sales as a genuine hunter, experienced in corporate sales, high-level consulting, sales management, boardroom negotiation and establishing sales processes and procedures in businesses that had none. Having made a living from selling, he truly understands what it means to have your ability to sell tied to your ability to eat.


Alan Grainger


Alan comes from an Enterprise IT background, and has been involved in every facet of the technology space. He is adept at integration and connecting scattered systems into a fluid whole. If there is a way to accomplish something, you can guarantee that he will find it, and at a fraction of the cost you initially thought. And for those times where an off-the-shelf option can’t be found, he’s very happy to roll up his sleeves and create his own solution.

He is experienced in Information Technology, Digital Marketing, Research & Analytics, and Systems & Processes. He will find the data, the patterns, the answers, and distil the findings into language the average person can understand. If you are looking to utilise technology to enhance your sales, he can help you.


It Costs Nothing to Get Started

If you want to uncover the areas that have been holding your sales people back, use our Business Performance analysis tool.

In just 2 minutes you’ll be on the way to a high-performing and successful business.